Consulting jobs in Istanbul

Explore consulting job openings at Mastercard in Istanbul

Consulting jobs in Istanbul at Mastercard

As a consultant at Mastercard, you will provide cutting-edge data analysis and services to Fortune 500s, governments, and nonprofits to make multimillion-dollar business decisions and help them grow their organizations. You will combine traditional management consulting with Mastercard's rich data assets, proprietary platforms, and technologies to provide clients with powerful strategic insights and recommendations. 

Why consulting at Mastercard?

  • Data-driven consulting: build more accurate strategies with our proprietary data and data-driven tools
  • Better flexibility: our approach to flexible working, combined with impactful client interactions is a major factor for those who have experienced the relentless pace of more traditional firms
  • Diverse, global projects with real world impact: our spectrum of projects resonate with consultants who want to move beyond the realm of recommendations and drive tangible results. You'll have the chance to implement ideas and witness real-world impact 
  • Specialization: our consultants can delve deep into their chosen domain and become true experts
  • Global exposure: we operate as one global team which is different from some consulting firms that are made up of separate member firms. Here, you'll have the opportunity to work with clients not only locally, but also across regions and other parts of the world

Consulting job opportunities in Istanbul 

Explore consulting job openings at Mastercard in Istanbul and apply today.

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