Creating limitless 
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We are on a journey to create a workplace and world where everyone has equal access to connect their greatest passions with their fullest potential. That starts with our people and how we lead, with a sense of decency and inclusion.”

Michael Miebach Chief Executive Officer

Diversity, equity and inclusion at Mastercard

We believe in an equitable world. Where humanity unites, prosperity is shared and opportunity is open to us all.​​​​
Our approach
Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) makes us better. It helps us grow when we bring in different perspectives to foster meaningful connections and create innovative solutions. And it helps advance sustainable change throughout our industry and in historically marginalized communities. DEI is part of our core values and underpins everything we do.
Our commitment

Our intention is to be a company that shows up for people, enabled by a culture of belonging that is rooted in diversity, equity and inclusion and reflective of the people and communities we serve. We commit ourselves to enabling a workplace and a world where everyone feels they belong and unlocking potential for people everywhere. When no one gets left behind, when we move forward together, we can create limitless possibilities for all.

"Diversity, equity and inclusion at the systemic level is the necessary basis for us all to be able to reach our greatest potential. That’s why we believe in creating an environment where every voice is heard and every person feels valued. We are not only creating a more inclusive, just and equitable workplace, but also driving intentionally inclusive innovation to better serve our customers and communities. We believe that by championing diversity, equity and inclusion, we are contributing to a more resilient and more successful organization.”
Randall Tucker
Chief Inclusion Officer

Where you can be you and belong

Mastercard’s nine business resource groups (BRGs), including 149 chapters, provide year-round opportunities for employees and leaders to learn, connect, network, be inspired. These employee-led groups come together based on similar interests or experiences and a shared passion for inclusion. Each group is open to everyone, promotes inclusion of all, represents diverse communities and their allies and focuses on the topics of intersectionality and well-being.


business resource groups with



30% of employees are members of a BRG

Serving Employees and Family Members with Diverse Abilities

Exploring Asian Society and Trends

Experienced Professionals with 10+ Years of Experience
Employees of Latin Descent
Leading Employees of African Descent
Being your true self
Active and Veteran Military Personnel and Their Families
Women’s Leadership Network
Young Professionals
Our inclusion efforts extend beyond our corporate walls
We leverage the power of our people, resources and network to be a force for good in the communities that we serve. Through our Strategic Growth business and the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth, we’re leveraging our core assets and competencies to develop and fund ways to advance equitable and sustainable economic growth and financial inclusion worldwide.

Ensuring that our entire workforce is well represented

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are what set Mastercard apart by making us more adaptable, more innovative and more creative. In order to achieve this, we continually evaluate representation of people at all levels of the company. Our numbers show us where we stand and where we may need to take action. We strive to maintain a workplace built on decency and inclusion where everyone can thrive.

All data points below are as of December 31, 2022, unless otherwise stated. Senior management is defined as senior vice president and above.

U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Report

The EEO-1 Report is a snapshot in time of our U.S. demographics and is based on categories prescribed by the federal government. These categories are not necessarily representative of how our industry or workforce is organized. The information provided in the data tables of our 2022 ESG Report offers a more accurate representation of our progress towards diversity.
To align with U.S. government reporting requirements, data in these tables uses traditional gender categories of male and female. Mastercard deeply respects that gender is nonbinary; reporting in this manner does not represent our position on the issue.


Learn more about how we’re fostering inclusion through action

Solidarity in action

We are helping close the racial wealth and opportunity gap for Black communities across America.

Championing gender equity

Reshaping the way our world is designed, coded and constructed, for all women, everywhere.

LGBTQIA+ community and True Name™

We support the LGBTQIA+ community and are committed to equal treatment, equal opportunities and equal rights.

Introducing Touch Card

Touch Card was designed with accessibility in mind to bring security, inclusivity and independence to blind and partially sighted cardholders around the world.

Doing well by doing good

Our mission is to connect and power an inclusive, digital economy that benefits everyone, everywhere.

Commitment to supplier diversity

We believe that to address the diverse needs of a global marketplace, our suppliers must reflect the demographics of our customers and consumers.

Mastercard Policy Statement on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)


Mastercard is guided by our commitment to decency, which permeates everything we do. We respect the rights of all people and have no tolerance for hate, discrimination or any form of hostility towards others. We strive to foster an inclusive environment where everyone is welcome, regardless of beliefs, cultures and backgrounds.

As with our commitment to decency, diversity, equity and inclusion are embedded in our DNA through the Mastercard Way. By enabling an inclusive environment, we can unlock the full potential of our employees, customers, partners and communities in the more than 210 countries and territories in which we live and work. We know that people thrive when they feel they belong, their ideas are valued and they are treated fairly, and as a global corporate citizen, we recognize and rise to our responsibility to do well by doing good.

The journey to a truly inclusive and equitable society is an ongoing one. Our vision is to create limitless possibilities for everyone. We are working every day to move in the right direction, both in and outside our walls.

​​​​​​​2022 ESG Report

Download our 2022 ESG Report to see how Mastercard is impacting people, prosperity and the planet.

Mastercard is an inclusive Equal Employment Opportunity employer that considers applicants without regard to gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, disabled or veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.

Additional notices for US Applicants: EEO is the law at Mastercard Pay Transparency

If, due to a disability or current medical condition only, you require accommodations or assistance to complete the online application process, please contact reasonable_accommodation@mastercard.com and identify the type of accommodation or assistance you are requesting. Do not include any medical or health information in this email. The Reasonable Accommodations team will respond to your email promptly. Please note if your request is not for this stated purpose, you will not receive a response to your email.

Click here for the government form and more information about this requirement.

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