Tips for Interviewing at Mastercard

We want you to feel relaxed and confident going into your interview. That's why we've created this comprehensive resource to help you successfully navigate the process.
The two most important interview tips are to relax and have fun.
Come to your interview with the mindset that you are engaging in a fascinating problem-solving exercise – one that will require all the creativity you can muster – and you will put your best foot forward. 
Be yourself
Know every detail on your resume in-depth
Be able to answer the question "Why Mastercard?"
Ask us questions - Interviewing is a two-way street
Most importantly, have fun!
At Mastercard, we use different types of interviews depending on the role you are interviewing for. All interviews include a behavioral component in addition to assessing your problem-solving skills. If you are unsure which type of interview to expect, please reach out to your recruiter who will be able to guide you.

Types of interviews at Mastercard

Technical interview 
A technical interview is an opportunity for us to confirm and test the more core technical skills of an engineer. While many companies have similar interviews, we offer questions that tend to be outside the standard classroom algorithms and instead ask questions that allow candidates to showcase their thought process. 

Sample Software Engineer interview workshop 

Sample Software Engineer interview

What is a technical interview?

Data Engineer interview guide

Software Quality Engineer interview guide

Product Management interview 
A product design interview evaluates your ability to take a general prompt for a potential product or critique of an existing product. The purpose of this exercise is for the interviewer to understand your ability to prioritize the user's need, and then propose a solution based on this. 

Product Management interview guide

Associate Product Specialist & Product Manager - Technical I interview guide
Consulting interview 
A case interview is an interactive problem-solving exercise where your interviewer will present a business problem and you will be asked to demonstrate your analytical thinking to come up with a solution. Based on actual client engagements, case interviews provide an opportunity for us to see how you approach business problems and give you an opportunity to understand our client work. 

Associate Consultant job simulation

Associate Consultant interview guide

Case interviews overview 

Practice case

Case interview video

Case interview transcript

Retail remodel case practice

Successful candidate attributes

Interview tips from our employees

Adam C.
Senior Specialist, Product Development
"Always be true to yourself and communicate what you'd like to achieve in your career. People at Mastercard are ambitious and forward thinking, so it's always helpful to demonstrate this in your application. Also, get in there early! It's a competitive program with incredible opportunities for both personal and professional development. Finally, research some of Mastercard's products and services as taking this initiative will certainly pay off during the interview."
Inez M.
Consultant, Advisors Client Services
"Practice a couple of case studies with other people so they can provide you with feedback. I would also suggest that you prepare questions for the interviewer to find out more about the position or Mastercard."
Lamel R.
Business Analyst I
"Share how your current studies and interests align to the role you're applying for. Don't worry if it's not a complete match, focus on what you can bring to the table to make a difference with your unique skillset."
Lexi F.
Manager, Software Engineer
"It's easy to focus on all of the things software should do, but thinking about what it should not do is a key skill. Pretend you are trying to break the software - what kinds of things would you try? Thinking about technical interviews this way is helpful for coming up with edge cases."

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