Recruitment fraud alert

Mastercard has become aware of a phishing scam, or "recruiting fraud," where unknown entities are posing as hiring managers and/or Human Resources professionals in an attempt to obtain personal information from individuals as part of an application or job offer process. These scams are sophisticated and can seem like legitimate recruiting activity. By making you aware of these scams, we hope to assist unsuspecting individuals from falling victim.

We will never ask you for payment in exchange for being considered for a job. 

We request that candidates look out for misleading communications and not pay any fee to individuals, agencies, or employment portals related to an interview or other interaction with Mastercard. Anyone dealing with such individuals, agencies, or employment portals will be doing so at their own risk and Mastercard will not be responsible for such loss or damage suffered, whether directly or indirectly. Such fake representations, job offers or other actions by non-Mastercard partiers, shall neither be honored nor treated by Mastercard as an authentic representation or job offer by our Company.

Before providing any personal information to outside parties, please keep in mind that all legitimate Mastercard email addresses end with "" You should also verify that the position described is found on our careers site at:

Here are a few ways to identify phishing scams: 

  • Request for financial information or payments - Our recruiters will never ask prospective candidates or employees for payment to apply for a position or as a condition of employment. For example, any required background check will be paid by Mastercard. 
  • Be cautious of responding to generic emails - Scammers try to cast a wide net by including little or no specific information. Always be wary of emails which seem overly generic. 
  • Incorrect domain names or email addresses - Check for misspellings of Mastercard or non-Mastercard email addresses (i.e., Our approved emails will come from 

If you have any questions or suspicions regarding the authenticity of any job posting or communication alleged to have been made by or on behalf of Mastercard or an affiliated company, please contact us immediately. If you feel that you have been targeted by this type of fraudulent scheme, we encourage you to contact your local law enforcement authorities or file a complaint with the International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network (ICPEN)

Thank you for your attention and vigilance in dealing with this important issue.